Bridgestone debuts Enliten technology on new VW all-electric car

Bridgestone Corp. has collaborated with long-term partner Volkswagen to debut its “ground-breaking” lightweight tire technology on VW’s new all-electric ID.3 vehicle. 

The Enliten technology, which was unveiled last summer, enables tires to have a “super low” rolling resistance while requiring less materials to be created.

In a 9 July statement, the Japanese tire maker said it is using the technology for the first time on its Turanza Eco tires specially engineered for the ID.3.

Bridgestone said it worked with VW during the development stage of ID.3 to deliver tires that offer “a high level of performance in both the wet and dry, good braking, long life, and, most importantly, super low rolling resistance.”

The particularly low rolling resistance will have a significant impact on the fuel consumption of the vehicle, thereby increasing the ID.3’s battery range.

According to the tire maker, tires produced using the technology demonstrate a rolling resistance that is up to 30% lower than a standard premium Bridgestone summer tire.

This contributes, in a combustion engine vehicle, to a reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and significantly extends battery life in an electric vehicle.

In addition, Enliten tires are up to 20% lighter than their equivalent standard tires, reducing both the use of raw materials and the environmental footprint of vehicles.

According to Bridgestone, a combination of "unique materials" and a new mixing process enhances the technology’s compound wear performance, without compromising on grip. 

Furthermore, Enliten also employs a cavity and full 3D pattern design, which Bridgestone says “maximises wet and wear performance.”

The Turanza Eco tires with the new technology are available on Volkswagen’s ID.3 in 18, 19, and 20-inch variants. The 19 and 20-inch tires are equipped with Bridgestone’s B-Seal automatic sealant technology for continued mobility.